Three Youtube channels that got me inspired about coloring comics

You can find almost anything on the internet, but finding useful information makes all the browsing worth the time. As I continue on my journey as a comic artist I am finding some great resources along the way. The more I practiced my art the more I realized I needed help building my skills in digital coloring. Luckily, I was able to find three great youtube channels that have tips and tutorials to make my process smoother.

1. Lavender Towne:

Lavender Towne is Haley Elizabeth’s comic art channel. She shows you her step-by step process for her art. Haley regularly posts art challenges she has completed, and how she works on her comic Unfamiliar. I appreciate her videos that show her art evolution from when she was 13, and digital art pitfalls to avoid. It’s been a great reminder for me that my own style and skills have evolved immensely since I started drawing. Not only do I find inspiration watching her create, she has a very pleasant speaking voice.

2. Coffe Table Comics:

Coffee Table Comics is made by Jason Brubaker. Brubaker was apart of Dreamworks’ visual communications department, so he brings a lot of his experience from a major studio to the masses. His channel has tutorials and interviews that cover all parts of the comics process from concept to color pages. It was here I discovered flatting and using textures to make my comic work have more depth. I like his long format interviews because he goes deeper in the minds of other artists, and I can discover other comic artists too. He makes more difficult aspects of creating comics like “How to get started…” easy to understand and apply to my own art.

3. K. Michael Russell:

K. Michael Russell has been a colorist for major comic publishers like IDW and Topcow. His whole channel is dedicated to coloring comics. He has short videos with tips to use in Photoshop, and longer videos showing the comic coloring process from start to finish. It is through his channel I have learned that color doesn’t matter, but the contrast does. He says that in almost every video, but he is so right. I feel more aware of the contrast and mood of the colors rather than choosing the right pink or blue. I setup my laptop and work along with his videos. It’s like having a teacher in my workspace guiding me each step of the way.

I have spent just about a month of watching these channels and others, I have already seen an improvement in some of the art I have been making. I encourage you to support and check out these artists. They have some great content that may inspire you to make comics.

Edited by: Brother Gator

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