Working Smarter, Not Harder

I am currently working on my own as a cartoonist.  I have my webcomic Bear Bear, a 30 Day Drawing Challenge, and other steps that I am making to make cartooning sustainable for my daily life.  I am proud of myself that I have come this far. I have debuted Bear Bear Comics, and I have been consistent with my 30 Day Drawing Challenge on Instagram.  As I continue creating, I realized that it is okay to pivot to make the work easier and more fun for myself.

Everyone is limited on time and resources. I was trying to draw Bear Bear daily in the current style with lots of hash marks and complex backgrounds.  I realized it took more time than I anticipated. As a result, I simplified my rendering, and I was able to save time putting the comic together. I was able to save my time for other projects or looking for work too.

I had to be aware of my own limitations, so I could make the necessary changes. I am working on a learning curve because I am creating Bear Bear using Photoshop only. I never have used computer software for my art from start to finish. Although Photoshop is different for me, it’s make more sense for me to use it to make cleaner changes to my work. Another benefit is that Photoshop lets me save money on paper.  The benefit of working in Photoshop does justify the time it takes to work out a comic. I am giving myself space to let the changes in my procedure work for me.

As I am working, I realize I need to make small steps to realize my larger goals for my art.I would love to have an epic, long running, graphic novel series like Inuyasha. I want to make animated TV shows for PBS, animated feature films for Disney, and more. Luckily for me, it’s early in my cartooning career.  All of those dreams are one stroke of the pencil at a time.

I can make the necessary changes now to make myself successful for the future.  I can learn the conditions for my success, and put them in place now. Down the road I want to be able to successfully deliver my work when it  involves a publisher, studio, or collaborators. I can add more details to my pieces or create larger projects as I get more comfortable. For now it’s all about developing good habits while I have enough time, space, and grace.

Edited by: Momma Bear


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