Artist Bio and Resume

Hi, I am Jennifer! I am a native Chicagoan and have been serious about making art since the 6th grade. Fast forward to 2012, I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration. My previous designs and illustrations have been used to help different organizations like the Audubon Society and Dunkin’ Donuts.  My focus is making sequential art that is relatable, fantastical, and fun.

My current projects are Bear Bear Comics and Anise and Saffron. Bear Bear comics is a

Jennifer Johnson

Photo by Shonte Wesson

slice of life comic based on my experiences living in the city.  Anise and Saffron is a fantasy comic about the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. My stories and art reflect that I am versatile in different art styles and media. Whether I am drawing cute bears or writing about magical worlds, I want my art to evoke a full range of emotions and spark wonder in those that come across my pieces.

If you want to learn more about my work history, download my resume.  Jennifer Johnson Resume