Artist Bio and Resume

Jennifer Johnson

Photo by Shonte Wesson

Jennifer Johnson is a native Chicagoan. In 2012, she graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration.  Her work has been used to help build knowledge and awareness for issues like the plight of cancer patients, fiscal responsibility, and the environment.

Jennifer has lent her creative gifts to different non-profits starting with National Send a Card Day to help patients and their families. She illustrated and co-designed a curriculum on finances for Financial Straight Talk Foundation. For over three years Jennifer worked for Audubon Chicago Region (now Audubon Great Lakes) as an Community Engagement Fellow for Wild Indigo Nature Explorations. As an artist, Jennifer continues to create works on pressing topics like the conservation and mental health.
Her current focus is painting and printmaking. Jennifer lives with her family and dogs Ginger and Marshall. She works and travels part time in her van named Caledonia.  Like the bear is adaptable to different environments, Jennifer is versatile in different art styles and media. She wants her art to evoke a full range of emotions about life, current events, and building community.