Moving to Etsy and Milwaukee Zine Fest

I am in the process of moving my store, Sister Bear Press, to Etsy.  It had it’s own stand alone site, but I figured it would be better to bring my illustration website and my shop closer together. I am merging both websites to better serve my work and my customers.  And it will be easier for me to manage one main website rather than two.

I am shooting to have the new shop live for Milwaukee Zine Fest.  I will be selling my work at the Milwaukee Public Library Central Location on Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 10:30 AM-4:30 PM. If you are that way, or know anyone in Wisconsin send them to my table! Buy things, say hello, hang out… I don’t mind. I will be happy to see you.




New Website

Hi everyone! For the past year, I have been experimenting with printmaking. Ever since I took a job a print shop, I fell in love with other printing processes like screen printing, linoleum cut prints, and etching. I made a new website to display my new skills. Sister Bear Press features handmade greeting cards and other hand-printed artwork by me. You can follow my printmaking journey at

New Art is UP!!!!

Hi everyone! I have new art, two new comics, and a new look on my website!
I have been busy at work getting my new comics out. I debuted a new volume of Bear Bear Comics and a new title called Anise and Saffron at Speak Con in Kankakee August 12th. You can read all my Bear Bear comics and Anise and Saffron on my website for totally free!

This fall please look forward to my Halloween artwork coming out and the re-opening of my Etsy Shop! Woo hoo!

Changing Focus

This week I have shifted my focus from traditional fine art to comics and cartooning. I realize cartooning and comics is something that has always been with me even before I decided to take my first painting classes at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago when I was 12 years old.  At this stage of my life comics feel more natural for me to make than pieces of fine art.

dsc_0258For me, making fine art pieces feels more spontaneous and doesn’t show up in a way that is easy to replicate.  For example; after the recent elections I painted a map of the United States. It was a painting with a textured background. It  was made to show how battered and disappointed  I felt after the elections were over. I imagined my painting represented how a lot of Americans felt after the election. I was so happy with that painting! I wanted to do another painting just like that one.  I followed the same process prepping my canvas and mixing paint, but the same emotion and energy wasn’t there.  I felt that way about my other fine art pieces too.  The emotion or the feeling for that piece was just for that piece.  I decided I like making something I can come back to and put in different scenarios, and I know I can do that more readily with comics.

Comics give me the chance to tell an evolving story.  I can draw a simple comic with a full range of emotion. I can draw myself happy, sad, doubtful, and the list goes on. The worlds I create can continue indefinitely.  I can draw my characters on the moon or in a cave. I feel more flexibility in the comics medium than I do for traditional fine arts right now.  

Does that mean I am going to put up my brushes? Does that mean that I won’t buy anymore canvases or go to hoity toity  art shows? The answer is no! I still value all my fine art training and painting skills because I still need them to make comics.  It does mean my approach to my artwork and the way I deliver my message will be different.  I look forward to posting more of my comic art as I go into the new year. 

different faces and styles.jpg

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